Using Magnet IGNITE to Accelerate Breach Response Cases

8th July 2022 by Magnet Forensics Our customers need these answers as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption and Magnet IGNITE has enabled us to provide them hours—and sometimes days—earlier.”— Michael Nelson, Managing Partner , CYBIR CYBIR is a… Read more

eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work

Julia O’Shea: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining today’s webinar: eDiscovery Investigations in the Age of Remote Work. My name is Julia O’Shea and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Cellebrite. Now I’d like to introduce our speakers today: Derrick… Read more

Remote Mobile Collection for Corporate Investigations

Julie: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining today’s webinar: remote mobile collections for corporate investigations. My name is Julie O’Shea, and I’m a product marketing manager here at Cellebrite. Now, I’d like to introduce our speaker today: Ashley Hernandez. Ashley is… Read more

Remote Acquisition With Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Hey, everyone, Trey Amick from Magnet Forensics here, and today I’m excited to walk through AXIOM Cyber’s network acquisition features. With the recent release of AXIOM Cyber we now have the ability to complete remote endpoint collections, as well as… Read more

[Linux] DRONE expanding to multi-platform solutions

Binalyze DRONE is a remote digital forensics investigation solution that provides you with the capability to quickly understand your network by acquiring and analyzing data across all endpoints in minutes.  With each release version, we are adding new improvements and… Read more

AIR From Binalyze

Modern forensic data acquisition in enterprise environments requires constant evaluation of approach, methods, tools and tactics. Multiple different ways of acquiring both logical and physical images from remote sources in corporate environments have been developed throughout the years, from deployment… Read more