The Answers to Your Amped FIVE Questions

In the past few years, Amped Software hosted many webinars about its products. This article collects all the interesting questions that Amped received during the webinar sessions.  Click here to check out the next Amped Software webinars. 1. Does the Conversion… Read more

20 Hidden Gems in Amped FIVE

Amped FIVE is the most trusted software for forensic video analysis and image enhancement for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence. Here are 20 simple features, hints, and tips that may not be so obvious to you but will work wonders… Read more

Register Now For the Next Amped Software Webinars

A sketch of hands typing on a laptop keyboard behind the words "Upcoming Live Amped Webinars"
Amped Software is are very excited to share the schedule of the next live webinars that will take place from March to June 2022. In the webinars you’ll have the opportunity to: Get a better knowledge on how to face video evidence challengesGet a… Read more

Amped Software launches the Amped FIVE Training Modules

Amped Software has recently launched the Amped FIVE Training Modules. But what are these exactly? Read on to find out more. The Amped FIVE Training Modules The Amped FIVE Training Modules are training classes designed specifically for Amped Software end-users to acquire more… Read more

How To Check Video Integrity By Detecting Double Encoding With VPF Analysis

Topics Approaches to Integrity VerificationA Short Intro to Video CompressionThe Variation of Prediction FootprintDetecting Double Video Encoding Using the VPFExperiment With a Surveillance Video Introduction In this article, Amped Software will start by defining video integrity and mentioning possible approaches… Read more

Adam Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics: Year in Review

Congratulations on an eventful 2021. What have been some of the highlights for you and Magnet Forensics? It’s certainly been a busy year for the team at Magnet. We were thrilled to be able to see customers in person again.… Read more

Image Enhancement Is an Essential Part of Forensic Video Analysis

During the Kenosha Shooting trial (“STATE OF WISCONSIN – VS – Kyle H. Rittenhouse”), there has been a lot of discussion about the applicability of image interpolation and images enhancement to video evidence. Martino Jerian, Amped Software‘s CEO, has clarified many important concepts… Read more

See the Amped Software Training Calendar for 2022

Official Amped Software training courses for 2022 are now available. Amped Software offers training courses for beginner, intermediate, and expert level users who are willing to improve their investigations and gain more in-depth knowledge on video evidence. A wide range… Read more

How to Use Variable Motion Deblurring in Amped FIVE

screenshot of a blurry video frame of a bus path of travel
In this latest ‘How To’ article, Amped Software will show you how to use Variable Motion Deblurring, one of this year’s new filters within Amped FIVE. One of the biggest challenges in Forensic Video Analysis (FVA), is the restoration and… Read more

Presentation Filters and Techniques with Amped FIVE

For those not already aware, FIVE does not refer to the number five. It stands for Forensic Image and Video Enhancement. Although the forensic enhancement of imagery forms the core of this powerful application, the key stages prior to enhancement,… Read more

Can AI Be Used for Forensics and Investigations?

Introduction “Enhanced Reflections” is a new blog series launched by Amped Software to help get a better insight into the ins and outs of Amped, the forensic industry in general and other relevant topics. Today’s article is personally written by… Read more