Event Recap: DFRWS-USA Virtual 2022

The Digital Forensics Research Workshop was back in virtual format for its USA edition running Monday, July 11th through Thursday, July 14th. Six sessions on memory forensics, similarity hashing, application forensics, live and static system analysis, multimedia forensics, and miscellaneous… Read more

Distant Traces and Their Use in Crime Scene Investigation

Starting with a physical crime scene – a fire – Manon Fischer describes how IoT devices such as “smart” plugs and thermostats store “distant traces” remotely, and could be used to help reconstruct a fire’s origin, cause, and timeline. Session… Read more

Global Incident Response: DFRWS-EU Keynote, 2022

Chris Hargreaves: Without further ado, we can start the formal program and I’ll hand over to Serge Droz – I did my best there – for the first keynote of the week. Thank you. Serge: So, this technology is working.… Read more